Helix Pathology Patients

Anatomical pathology involves receiving a specimen (either tissue, such as skin or breast, or cells such as fine needle aspiration) and processing it with special stains and chemicals, producing and analysing slides and reporting on any changes to cells at a microscopic level.

These specimens are taken by surgeons, GPs, endoscopists and radiologists and are then sent to the Helix Pathology medical specialists for pathology testing.

Helix Pathology provides fast, effective service, supporting a 24-hour turnaround or 12-hours for urgent cases. Pathologists are readily available to discuss your result with your health care professional.

Received a bill?

If you have received an account from us you recently had a surgery, procedure or visit to your doctor and a specimen (tissue sample) was sent to us for processing, analysis and diagnosis.

Helix Pathology received your sample, processed it with specialty stains and chemicals, created slides which were analysed under a high-powered microscope and diagnosed changes in the cells of your specimen.

We provided test results to your doctors so that they could make an informed decision on the management of your health.

Helix Pathology usually lodge claims electronically with the private health funds for direct payment which means patients don’t have to address their accounts personally.  If you have received an account this means you are either uninsured, your private health insurance has left you a gap or they do not have an agreement in place with Helix Pathology or you are an overseas traveler. Please pay the account in full and we will issue a receipt for you to lodge with Medicare and/or your private health insurance provider for your rebate.

How to pay?

On your Helix Pathology account, you will see the lower section includes the payment options available.  You may detach this section and return it with your payment, this will ensure receipting is performed accurately.

Methods of payment include:

  • Bpay via your bank teller, computer or phone
  • Credit Card details either posted in to us or given over the phone
  • Personnel / bank cheque
  • or visit our administration department to make a cash payment on-site

If you have enquiries about your account please call the administration team on 07 5561 1900 between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.