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We specialise in tissue pathology and cytology.
We do not do blood collection.

About Helix Pathology

Helix Pathology specialises in anatomical pathology - histology and cytology.

Anatomical pathology involves receiving a specimen (either tissue, such as skin or breast, or cells such as fine needle aspiration and processing it with special stains and chemicals, producing and analysing slides and reporting on any changes to cells at a microscopic level.

These specimens are taken by surgeons, GPs, endoscopists and radiologists and are then provided to the Helix Pathology medical specialists for pathology testing.

Why Helix Pathology?

Helix Pathology is an independent pathology laboratory on the Gold Coast, known for our excellent quality service.

Helix Pathology is on call 24/7 for urgent cases.
Account enquiries can be attended to from Monday to Friday.

We have a range of special stains and tests, allowing us to support a variety of more complex cases.

Received a bill?

You recently had a surgery, procedure or visit to your doctor and a specimen (tissue sample) was sent to us for processing, analysis and diagnosis.

Helix Pathology received your sample, processed it with specialty stains and chemicals, created slides which were analysed under a high-powered microscope and diagnosed changes in the cells of your specimen.

We provided these results to your doctors so that they could make informed decision on the management of your health.

If you have received a bill from Helix Pathology, you ar either an overseas traveller, uninsured or your private health insurer does not have an agreement in place with Helix Pathology. Please pay the account in full and we will issue a receipt for you to take to Medicare and/or your private health insurance provider for your rebate.

How to pay?

Biller code: 200378

Reference number: Check  your bill for details

Pay via credit or debit card over the phone.
Call our office on
07 55611 900.

Cheque made out to Helix Pathology and sent to PO Box 10749, Southport BC, 4215 Queensland

Information for doctors

Why Helix Pathology?

  • Known for excellent service. Helix Pathology is known for providing fast, effective service, supporting a 24-hour turnaround or 12-hours for urgent cases. Pathologists are readily available, on call 24/7.
  • Never split a specimen again. We have access to a wide variety of tests, allowing us to process any histology or cytology specimen.
  • Get immediate access to reports online. We offer online availability of reports, giving you access to your results as soon as they're generated.
  • No gap for health professionals and their dependents. We provide no-gap pathology for those in the healthcare profession and their families.


Becoming a referring doctor

Look at the flexibility of our reporting formats in these sample reports.

Call Helix Pathology on 07 5561 1900 to express interest and we'll send you as many request forms and specimen containers as you think you'll need.

We'll also give you Dr Lloyd McGuire and Dr Rakhi Bhuta's personal mobile numbers, should you have any problems.

We'll set you up with immediate, online access to reports through Medical Objects or through our online reporting tool.

We'll arrange for our couriers to pick up from you on a daily basis.

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Call 07 55611 900 for all enquiries
       (weekdays 9am - 5pm)


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